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Office of the Board of Assessors
10 Pearl Street, First Floor
Joseph Gibbons, Director of Assessing
781-341-1300, x9228
Office hours are:
8:30AM to 4:30PM on Monday through Wednesday
8:30AM to 7:00PM on Thursday, and
8:30AM to 12:00 Noon on Friday

Board of Assessors

Term Expires    
Louis Jutras, Chairman
Debra Roberts
Danielle Justo
                                                                                                Mission Statement

    The Assessing Department is responsible for the administration of all Massachusetts laws and Department of Revenue regulations regarding property tax assessment.  The Assessors, as required by Chapters 59, 60A, 61, 61B & 121A of the Massachusetts General Laws and various acts of the Legislature, value approximately 12,000 parcels of real and personal property.  This includes residential, commercial, industrial and personal property including utilities. Our department administers over 30,000 excise tax bills each year and is responsible for establishing assessed values of property every year.  After Town Meeting approves the budget and warrant articles and the selectmen hold the Classification Hearing, jointly with the Assessors in the fall, the Assessors set the tax rate, subject to approval by the DOR.  The Assessors can then commit the amount of taxes to be collected including betterments and liens to the Treasurer/Collector.  The Department also handles abatements and various types of exemptions for veterans, seniors, surviving spouses, the blind and hardships.
     The Assessors are also responsible for triennial certification by the DOR and defense of property values before the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board.  The Department oversees the Overlay Reserve Account and works daily with the taxpayers, real estate professionals, builders, planners and lawyers.

Property Assessment Data

The following assessors’ information is provided as a service to the citizens of Stoughton.  The Board of Assessors has received final certification of all real and personal property values for Fiscal Year 2015. Valuation changes were based on market conditions and sales in the past few years.  Single family dwelling valuations were based on arms length sales from calendar year 2013.  

The Fiscal Year 2015 tax rates are: Residential = $15.13 per thousand of valuation; Commercial, Industrial and Personal Property = $26.34 per thousand of valuation.

Ownership records are updated on an annual basis; therefore, recent transfers of ownership should be researched at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds.  No field card information is available over the telephone.

Links to General Information

The following links provide general information about motor vehicle excise and personal property

Links to Forms

The following are links to frequently used forms:

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Last Modified: Jun 03, 2012